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Class levels are designed to guide you from the beginning of your yoga journey to more experienced levels. If you're not sure which class to start with or you need more information, give us a call or use the contact page.


Beginners yoga classes are suitable for students with little or no yoga experience. These classes are a great place to start if you have never been on a yoga mat. You can join these classes with any level of fitness or flexibility. Iyengar Yoga is scaleable and yoga poses can be modified to suit your range of movement. If you are new to Iyengar Yoga this class is the best place to start. Yoga Beginner classes include Standing Poses, sitting and introduce elements of more advanced poses. You will have the option within the class to be challenged at your own pace. This yoga class is design to build your yoga understanding and confidence within your limits. If you are looking for a more dynamic class, you may like to start with a Level 1 class. 

Class Time: 1hour

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